Derek de Nobrega

OWNER/SENIOR Graphic Designer
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About Derek

Born and raised in Aruba, where I started my journey to study engineering and received my associate degree in 2004. Eventually I moved abroad to the Netherlands to pursue a more creative direction and ended up at the University of IN Holland of applied sciences and completed my Bachelor of International Communications Management (ICM) in 2012. Majoring in Communications and was able to pick four minors with more creative attributes: design management, advertising strategy, magazine production and visual communications and knowledge building.

During my spare time I learned how to master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and for video editing Premier.

End of 2012 I moved back to Aruba to work and build experience in the service industries and one thing led to another where I eventually met my Canadian partner and moved to Canada in 2016 here I continued learning how to build websites in WordPress and using Adobe After Effects for video editing. I eventually started my own freelance graphic design business in 2018 as Joseph Derek™ and in 2020 I started my very own website hosting services.

Nowadays I work as a freelance graphic designer and part-time in events where I continue to focus on the service industries and provide my expertise of graphic design, video editing and building websites using Elementor on WordPress.

My professional philosophy centres on delivering on-demand projects in a timely manner fitting different budgets. Keeping it simple for my clients, while treating everyone with respect and consideration. I value feedback and believe in maintaining a collaborative and enthusiastic work environment.

Outside of work, I indulge my passion for travel, exploring different cultures, learning about different culinary experiences and connecting with people from around the world.

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