Whyte & Mackay,
Banners and Ad Design

As a dedicated graphic designer, I am delighted to share that this year has been amazing in terms of the growth of different projects that I have undertaken for one of my esteemed clients, Whyte & Mackay North America. Among the diverse projects that I have handled, magazine ads stand out as the most prominent. From crafting engaging and eye-catching designs to perfectly optimizing them for different publications, it has been a fulfilling experience. In addition to this, I have also had the opportunity to work on several banner and brochure designs, each with a distinct purpose, and all perfectly aligned with the client’s unique requirements. As a professional, I take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed my client’s expectations. It gives me immense satisfaction to work with a leading brand like Whyte & Mackay North America, and I look forward to more such creative collaborations in the future.